Zuzana Hanzlova – Director of Harvest Co-op

I came to Scotland in 2007 and on my many hill walks I fell in love with its natural beauty. I enjoy being part of the Southside community and its revival of good food culture, sourcing locally and ethically. My Slovakian degree in Quality Control allows me to use my knowledge and skills to make sure all of our products are the best quality. My degree in Events Management and Tourism and skills from hospitality industry will ensure that customer service is key element at Harvest Co-op. Through my environmental concern I aim to raise awareness of environmental issues in the food industry.

Lewis Milligan – Director of Harvest Co-op

Born and raised in Glasgow, spent some time travelling and working many short term jobs before spending six years working in social care. I believe that Harvest Co-op can be part of a revived Shawlands and Southside which has been changing a lot over recent years following a long decline.

Rachel Anderson – member of Harvest Co-op

Growing up in Stirling, I came to Glasgow to go to university in my early twenties and stayed. Love and life have created bonds to this city for me and I can't imagine ever leaving now. My interest in food started at an early age. Before I left school I had catered for council events and this led to training as a chef as my first job. Science wasn't far behind cooking in my interests and that's what brought me to Glasgow University. I then combined both of those interests with my third, that of nature, and completed a postgraduate diploma in Herbal Medicine, again, here in Glasgow. I have an allotment locally where I grow not only food but medicinal herbs for treating friends and family. I believe that food can be medicine and my learning journey continues as I work with Harvest Co-op.

Suzanne Dery – member of Harvest Co-op

In 2010 I took a leap of faith, leaving Montreal behind to pursue my studies at the Glasgow School of Art. I soon fell in love with Scotland and then an artist named Billy, and by the time my MFA was completed a new life here had begun... Since then, I continued to produce and exhibit my work in the UK and abroad. Alongside, I co­run a fabrication workshop with my husband. Most recently I became a member and part­time worker at Harvest Co­op.

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